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A wellness resort without a spa therapy would sure be patchy!

Saa (Earth), Chhu (Water), Mei (Fire), Lung (Air) and Nam (Space) are the five elements that the universe and the human body is composed of. Ancient eastern philosophy holds that the balance of these five elements in the entire universe and in the human body is the essence of wellness. Balance, this is what kuNye Wellness Spa aims to achieve for your mind, body and soul. We therefore host a beautiful tibetian fasioned spa called kuNye Wellness Spa at Le Mentok. kuNye Wellness Spa is designed keeping in mind the healing and therapeutic techniques found in ancient practices that were performed by tantric yogis to help bring balance to their energies by clearing the energy channels. At kuNye Wellness Spa, our experts are sure to help you calm your mind and body as they try and treat your stress areas thereby enriches your stay with top-notch therapies for mind and body.

Even the interiors of our spa are consciously planned with warm tones and textures that calm your senses. Ku -ney Wellness Spa takes a holistic approach to wellness and our masseurs are professional, knowledgeable, experienced and empathetic. kuNye Wellness Spa spaces evokes in you a state of mind associated with relaxation, the feelings of tranquility, balance and serenity with the help experts that only use elements from nature. Ku-ney Wellness Spa was consciously conceptualized to re-balance the five elements using the ancient and forgotten Tibetan wellness techniques. At kuNye Wellness Spa we only use Himalayan herbs, oils and minerals for your therapy. You can also consult our Tibetan doctor (Amchi) for a wholesome healing.